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WASH project in 8 schools in Minya Gov.

Funder: Caritas Switzerland
Overall Objective of the project:
Better Education for 4100 students in 8 schools in Minya Governorate.

Project Objectives:

  1. Improving the hygiene and environmental conditions inside the 8 targeted schools through developing infrastructure of toilets and sewage system
  2.  Raising the awareness of student and teachers about environmental and health issues related to water, sanitation and hygiene through improving the teaching methods at schools, including the establishment of demonstrations and the link with  the community level.
  3. Raise community and school awareness of girls’ rights and gender issues in schools.
  4. Enhance community participation through empowering the BOTs of the targeted schools, parents and teachers to guarantee the sustainability of the implemented activities.
  5. Raise the public awareness of the targeted communities in Minya, Tala, and Borgaya of the environmental and hygiene issues

Governmental Partners:

  • The Directorate of Education-Minya.
  • Educational Constructions Body.

Partner CDAs:

  • Muslim Families Association-Minia.
  • National Association-Tala.
  • Freedom Association-Abo-henes.

Baseline Assessment of the Environmental situation in the Targeted schools:

The baseline assessment was implemented on a sample of the students (395 students) and school staff (195 school administration, teachers, and dustmen and women) to assess the health and environmental situation in the targeted schools. 
Maintenance of Sanitation Facilities: 
Toilets’ maintenance
Installing toilets
Urinates’ maintenance
Installing new Urinates
Maintenance of drinking water fountains basins
Installing new of drinking water fountain basins
Installing new hand wash basins
Sewage lines modifications

The Implemented Activities: 

• Forming environmental activities groups in each schools of teachers and students
• Applying the baseline assessment questionnaire on the students and school staff.
• Training 40 teachers on how to prepare health, nutrition and environmental awareness messages based on the school activities. 
• Implementing 4 medical campaigns in cooperation with the Health Directorate-Minya. 
• Implementing 8 health awareness sessions in the targeted schools.
• Implementing 8 art competitions and exhibitions about environmental issues in the targeted schools. 
• Holding 16 meetings with the activities teachers responsible for the environmental activities group to plan activities to be implemented with the students in the schools. 
• Implementing 7 green days to plant trees and crops in the schools’ gardens. 
• Implementing 8 painting days to decorate the schools’ walls 
• A cooperation protocol with 3 partner CDAs in the targeted communities to support the implementation of the activities in all the targeted schools. 
• Training for the mobililizers in the partner CDAs on how to implement door to door visits and how to preset the awareness messages to the households.
• Training 40 of the members of the schools BOTs on how to implement their roles and responsibilities effectively.  
• Finalizing the sanitation facilities and sewage lines maintence in the targeted schools.      
• Holding 4 meetings with the committees of the Directorate of Education to discuss the activities of the project.
• Implementing 1400 door to door visits to the parents of the students to raise their awareness of the health, nutrition and environmental issues as well as the proper behaviors their children should adopt in their schools. 
• Training 22 of the school staff responsible for technical maintenance and education on the simple maintenance of sanitation facilities in the school.    
• Finalizing the environmental awareness school curriculum which is currently being reviewed by Caritas Switzerland.  
• Forming community committees by parents and other CDAs in Tala and Borgaya to adopt health and environmental issues in and outside the schools to implement awareness sessions in the community.  


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