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Together Towards Eliminating Unemployment Project

Objectives of the project

Raise community awareness of the importance of vocational training
Increase employment opportunities for the 45 young men and women graduates of technical schools
Connecting young trainee civil society organizations and the transfer of expertise to open markets Jdidhlharvien
Target group
Graduates of technical schools for the number of 45 young men and women

Achievements so far:

  • Open an account for the project CIB (CIB) on behalf of the project (reducing youth unemployment educated in Minia Governorate), No.8290001067 dated 07.20.2010
  • Check the consent of the concerned authorities on the project (Directorate of Social Solidarity).
  • Processing of the project’s Procedures Manual (Form long relationship, “coach and trainee” – a case study – training contract “trainee coach” – Form Follow-up and evaluation … etc.)
  • Who so far number of young people who filled out forms for 20 young long relationship.
  • Gary query and fill the forms long relationship with the points of training.
  • The announcement of the project 

The work of the meetings and discussions about how to craft advertising exercises and how to attract unemployed youth to these exercises Vtm concluded that advertising must be clear in terms of writing and colors until you attract the target group and contains the substance of the pay category

Target to progress together in the training craft are as follows:

  • The name of the entity responsible for implementation.
  • Conditions of access to training.
  • It was the work of rating the ads were as follows:
  • Signs attached to streets and roads.
  • Brochure photographic paper black and white is distributed in the streets to the grassroots and target groups.
  • Was announced training craft by writing to comment on the streets with banners Minya.
  • Was carried out advertising the project on time and there were difficulties in obtaining the approvals of the local council to suspend the vital signs in the places and the local council has identified the places where we can use in hanging banners.
  • Was created a page on the site name of the project (reduction of educated youth unemployment in Minia Governorate) and call you enter on the Site and participation, if possible.
  • Wishing to receive training:

After we hung posters and distribute Brochure We began to receive young people through personal interviews and group within the organization, and telephone with an explanation

Training and help in the selection of a young profession that they want in the selection, training and work by filling application form

Professional training (application) form and the other to identify the trainee (Form long relationship trainee)

Selection criteria for young people that have been announced

  • Be a trainee technical qualifications of the owners of medium.
  • To be a full-time trainee for training time.
  • Be the apprentice of the population of the province of Minia centers (Abokorkas – Samalot – Matai).
  • Be the age range of the trainee (19 years old to 35 years old) with a maximum.
  • Be the apprentice of the poorest families.
  • To be trained before they pay fees seriously.
  • That the trainee has the ability to understand and learn and pass tests before starting the tribal training.
  • That the trainee has the desire and determination to learn.
  • Be the trainee agree to the terms of the contract with the institution and the signature.
  • Be committed to the trainee the evaluation criteria during the training is divided into:
  • The percentage of attendance and absence of practical training.
  • Pass periodic tests.

The ability to learn and absorb.

Commitment to ethical during training.

  • Good relationship with his fellow trainees, trainers and the organization.

The ability to market itself in the labor market needs.

To ensure the quality of the exercises was to identify some of the points and criteria for the craft exercises until access to the quality of the final product was:

2. Trainee pay fees to ensure the seriousness and commitment to training.

3. Criteria for selection of trainees from the technical qualifications of the poorest medium.

4. Pass the tests for each tribal trainees and ensure passing of the criteria set for the selection of trainees.

5. Pass the test a posteriori for each trainee.

6. Continuous assessment during the period of practical training.

7. Trainee to undergo tests in different areas to ensure access to information in a useful and comprehensive.

8. For the trainee on an approved certificate stating passing the training success rate of not less than 85%.

9. Not be less than the trainee to attend the theoretical and practical training for 80%.

10. Distribution of grades within the course as follows:

  • 20% punctuality.
  • 20% on positive behavior and good relations between colleagues and the coach and the institution.
  • 60% to pass the practical training.

Report on the developmental stages of the project
phase covered by the report.

The first phase of the project.

2 – the period covered by the report.

From 15.08.2010 until 11.01.2010

3 – ad hoc activities for that phase.

  • Facilities management (to appoint a group work – preparation of the necessary paperwork – contracts necessary)
  • Signing a contract with the World Bank.
  • Open a bank account in the name of the project.
  • Appointment of the team.
  • Advertising for the project within the city of Minia (Abokorkas – Samalot – Matai).
  • Receive trainees in different trades.
  • Fill in forms, understanding and application forms for training.


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