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Better Future for youth in Upper Egypt

The overall objective of the project:

Providing 830 permanent job opportunities for unemployed youth in the fields of agriculture and livestock to decrease the rate s of unemployment and increase productivity in the fields of agriculture and soil protection in Minya.

The project takes the responsibility of training the targeted youth on agriculture in greenhouses, organic agriculture (medical and aromatic plants), and new livestock development strategies (cattle-goats – birds).

After training the 830 youth; 30 of them will obtain job opportunities and 800 youth will get loans; 400 of those who got loans shall be trained on

Specific short-term objectives:

3 training courses for 30 beneficiaries on handcrafts and agricultural professions:

  1. 10 will be trained in agriculture in greenhouses (1 course/15 day) ز
  2. 20 will be trained in organic agriculture (2 courses/15 days).

Economic empowerment of 800 male and female beneficiaries through loans with a 14 % interest rate and an average amount of 3000 EGP divided as follows:

  1. 40 loans for those who passed the training on agricultural mechanization
  2. 410 loans disbursed for those who passed the training on new livestock development strategies (cattle-goats – birds).
  3. 350 loans disbursed to those who passed the operational training in the fields of industry, commerce, agriculture, and services.
  4. 70 of the beneficiaries are getting loans for the second time as a result of their commitment in repayments but this time with a larger average loan amount of 5000 EGP.

The project targets 830 beneficiaries; 30% or about 250 of them are females, 70% or about 580 of them are males. 30 % or 75 of the female beneficiaries are the sole breadwinners of their households.

The beneficiaries who receive the vocational training are from 18-39 years old and those who get loans are from 21 to 50 Years old.

Specific long-term objectives of the project:

  1. Provide a permanent source of income for the beneficiaries to improve their and their families living conditions.
  2. Achieve self-reliance in the MF department.
  3. Motivate youth to start their own businesses.


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