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High quality compost from agricultural waste reuse

The target group:

small farmers (women and men) landlords of 2 acres or less Young men and ladies.

The project wants to achieve a great result, which is to improve the ability of small farmers, landlords of 2 acres or less, to invest agricultural waste in order to improve the environmental and economic situation in the villages of El-Borjaya, Saft El Laban and Zohra in Minya Governorate, because burning these wastes on the side of canals and drains causes air pollution with harmful gases other than if they are exploited these wastes, adding value to them and benefiting from them in raising the level of income of small farmers.

The population of the Arab Republic of Egypt suffers from this problem related to burning the throne of potatoes, specifically in the Minya governorate, in the villages of El- Borjaya, Zohra and Saft El Laban, east of Minya Governorate.

According to the report of the Directorate of Agriculture for the 2019 season, the Minya city exported all kinds of potato cultivations with an approximately area of 14489 acres.

The areas that will be worked on are as follows:

  1. Saft El Laban village, with an area of 919 acres.
  2. Zohra Village, with an area of 688 acres.
  3. 3- Al- Borjaya Village, with an area of 276 acres.

All of these areas are not invested in the resulting potato waste, as the quantity of agricultural waste in general in Minya Governorate reached 2.2 million tons of agricultural waste, including potato waste.

Since the sustainable development plan in the Arab Republic of Egypt by 2030 AD revolves around good health and considering the climatic dimension, the environmental dimension will be a main focus in all development and economic sectors in a way that achieves the safety of natural resources and supports the fairness of their use and optimal exploitation and investment in them.

The idea is to reduce the emissions resulting from burning agricultural waste by treating it and converting it into organic fertilizer (compost) through modern equipment and tools. An agreement is made with the farmer, coordinated work in an area within his field, and reduced pollution of canals and drains in the targeted villages, as well as reducing pests that spread in the villages as a result The accumulation of these agricultural waste (potatoes waste) in addition to the positive change in the long term with regard to soil fertility after treatment with organic fertilizer (compost) and the provision of fertilization by 25% of the regular fertilization.

For your information, the project is being linked to a smart technology component through the design of a mobile application in which farmers directly request the service (compost work) directly, receive suggestions and transfer experience in the method of compost implementation by explaining the method of implementation.

In addition to the presence of an interactive website for the association, on which the project is presented, and the beneficiaries interact on it.


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