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Integrated sanitation integrated treatment

Integrated sanitation Integrated treatment of sewage Simple technology and low cost

Overall objective

Model to facilitate the safe disposal of wastewater and sewage treatment and re-used, this form is characterized by simplicity and low cost of its construction and maintenance work and to become a model of the Egyptian countryside in order to improve the level of public and environmental health. It work Design of slopes in the streets below the level of the soil.

Applying the experience Experience has been applied successfully in cooperation with the private sector in the two villages are adjacent (Jaafar and Jacob), with a total population density of 10 thousand people at the center of the al – Beni Suef.

Components of the project

  • Regression lines which lines the streets of houses.
  • Lines of expulsion, a main line that connects from the lift station to the treatment plant – Lifting station, a room full of the village assembly to be pumped in the line of the package and then to the treatment plant.
  • The corresponding assembly rooms which is among the most from the house to collect the drainage pumping station.
  • Treatment plant, a large site on which the collection of such waste, processing and output of the possibility of taking advantage of it in agricultural irrigation.



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