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Honoring Together Association for Development and Environment -TADE

Choosing and honoring Together Association for Development and Environment -TADE and its project (high-quality compost from the reuse of agricultural waste) as the best environmental development project at the level of civil society organizations in Minya and competing strongly to be chosen as the best project at the level of the Republic of Egypt within the national initiative for smart green projects.

The project is funded by Feed the Future – a project to promote agricultural business in the Egyptian countryside (one of the USAID projects).

The regional conference for the governorates of northern Upper Egypt was held in Fayoum on Sunday 9/10/2022 at Helnan Hotel in Fayoum Governorate by selecting the best projects in the National Initiative for Smart Green Projects for the governorates of Minya, Beni Suef and Fayoum, where Governor of Minya participated in the conference to announce the winning projects of the National Initiative for Smart Green Projects.

Some press and television interviews were made to announce the winning projects.

Where 27 projects were presented to the Executive Committee after excluding projects that did not meet the criteria set by the National Initiative for Smart Green Projects, so that (6) projects in each category were selected, including the (6) winning projects at the level of Minya Governorate.

  • The project of establishing a solar power plant for the calcium carbonate industries, submitted by Ascom for the manufacture of carbonates and chemicals (one of the Citadel Group companies) in the category of large-scale projects.
  • The integrated recycling project for the dust of the cement bypass tracks using untreated sewage or thickened sludge, submitted by Misr Cement Company in Minya, in the medium-sized projects category.
  • Tyre Bekia project submitted by Biobikia Company; category of projects submitted by start-up companies.
  • A high-quality compost project from recycling agricultural waste submitted by Together Association for Development and Environment – TADE in Minya, in the category of non-profit community initiatives and engagement.
  • The project of using geographic information systems to manage and rationalize water resources and energy consumption in establishments, submitted by the Spatial Information Infrastructure Unit at the General Court of Minya Governorate, in the category of small local projects – a decent life.
  • The Women’s Security Taxi Project submitted by the Anti-Violence Against Women Unit at Minya University, in the category of development projects related to women, climate change and sustainability.


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