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In preparation for the All Citizens Together (Qader) project

In preparation for the All Citizens Together (Qader) project funded by the European Union, which is implemented by HandiCap for people with disabilities, a visit was made by the Handicap International to exchange experiences and refine resources about Together Association’s dealings with the communities in which it operates and as one of the ways which is entered into the villages is the formation of a community committee of local and natural leaders in the village in order to facilitate the presentation of any idea through trusted persons, and accordingly the Handicap International made a visit to the community committee in the village of Al-Borjaya – Minia, and their number (11) person were met at the headquarters of (Basma Aml Association) for people with special needs in the village, where the Qadir project team explained the idea of ​​the project to the community committee, which supports the formation together network that consists of 8 organizations for people with disabilities from 5 governorates (Cairo – Giza – Beni Suef – Minia – Assiut) and the objective of the meeting was to know the needs of people with disabilities, what are the obstacles they face, the extent of the community committee’s interest in people with disabilities, and what projects can be implemented with them.

In the presence of:

  • Safaa Mohammed Sayed       Qader Project Manager – HandiCap International.
  • Asmaa Abd El-Azeem Ibrahim Qader Project Coordinator – HandiCap International.
  • Ali Sayed Mustafa        Deputy Directorate of Manpower (Member of the HandiCap Community Committee).
  • Hamada Shawqi Ahmed      Factory owner (member of the HandiCab Community Committee).
  • El-Moataz Bellah Abd el-Naby Representative Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Al-Ibtisam Association for People with Disabilities.
  • Sara Gamal Hussein Technical Support – Together Association for Development and Environment.
  • Amira Barakat Bebawy        Loan Field officer- Together Association for Development and Environment.

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