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Alfa Alfa ( Higazy ) planting

In the light of the plans and goals of Sustainable Agricultural Development Project which targets providing an improved economic and developmental environment to Libya martyrs’ families in order to improve their incomes and provide them with suitable employment opportunities, a multi-production livestock farm that includes varied livestock and agricultural activities was established. The 5 and half Acres land was planted with Alfalfa (Higazy) seeds to provide green fodder to livestock in the farm. 

The agriculture process was preceded the following steps to prepare the land:   
1-    Farmers spread manure in the land equally.
2-     Providing Potassium sulfate fertilizer and slit soil (30 full tractors) to prepare the soil, increase its fertility, and improve its texture. 
3-    Plowing the land twice (vertically and horizontally) before agriculture to ventilate the soil and facilitate agriculture.  
4-    Spreading agricultural gypsum after plowing.
5-    Spreading Alfalfa (Higazy) seeds in the land.
6-    Creating roads surrounding the farm to facilitate the movement around it.
7-    Following-up continuous daily irrigation of the land to ensure proper growth.

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