- Ibrahim is one of the beneficiaries of 'safe Disposal of Agricultural waste project ' in Abo- Gherer- Malawy District. He used compost (organic fertilizer) on more than 10 Acres and the project team followed up Read Details

Ibrahim Nabil Aziz

- My life was full of frustrations and disappointments; I was very desperate and over loaded with tons of responsibilities that I had no choice but to handle Read Details

Nadeya Najib Elias

- I applied for many jobs but have never been employed, I was so desperate and I thought I'll never achieve my dreams or even live a normal life Read Details

Mahmoud Shaban Jaber

Project Development Funded By Kiva - Dalal lives in Al-Shorafah village, Minya. She is 38, divorced and has 3 children in schools. She lives with her widowed mother and 2 disabled brothers, and she is the only breadwinner of the family Read Details

Dalal Saied Ahmed Salem

- Ramadan lives in Baniswef; he is 41, married and has 4 children at different ages of school. He is financially responsible for his aging mother who lives with him in the same house and is very sick Read Details

Ramadan Hashem Ali Okba

Together Association for Development and Environment Projects

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  • Biogas project

    Biogas Production Project: Producing Biogas as well as providing a Source Of High-Quality Organic Fertilizers..."

  • Project the safe disposal of agricultural waste

    Social Fund for Development Project (Labor-Intensive): Safe disposal of agricultural waste and utilizing it in agriculture as an organic fertilizer..."

  • Better Future for youth in Upper Egypt

    Providing 830 permanent job opportunities for unemployed youth in the fields of agriculture and livestock to decrease the rate s of unemployment and increase the productivity in the fields of agriculture and soil protection in Minya. ..."

  • Integrated sanitation integrated treatment

    Eco-Sanitation Low-Cost Project with Constructed Wetland Technology- Fayoum and Bani Suef. Integrated sanitation project..."

TAKREEM 2013 Awards Ceremony

14 November 2013