- Ibrahim is one of the beneficiaries of 'safe Disposal of Agricultural waste project ' in Abo- Gherer- Malawy District. He used compost (organic fertilizer) on more than 10 Acres and the project team followed up Read Details

Ibrahim Nabil Aziz

- My life was full of frustrations and disappointments; I was very desperate and over loaded with tons of responsibilities that I had no choice but to handle Read Details

Nadeya Najib Elias

- I applied for many jobs but have never been employed, I was so desperate and I thought I'll never achieve my dreams or even live a normal life Read Details

Mahmoud Shaban Jaber

Together Association for Development and Environment Projects

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  • Project Vision

    An Environmental, Integrated, Community Project and Environmentally Friendly Houses...."

  • Projects in the Nile Basin Initiative UNDP

    Nile Basin Initiative Project: Increasing community Awareness of The Importance of Maintaining the River Nile from Pollution..."

  • Better Future for youth in Upper Egypt

    Providing 830 permanent job opportunities for unemployed youth in the fields of agriculture and livestock to decrease the rate s of unemployment and increase the productivity in the fields of agriculture and soil protection in Minya. ..."

  • Biogas project

    Biogas Production Project: Producing Biogas as well as providing a Source Of High-Quality Organic Fertilizers..."

TAKREEM 2013 Awards Ceremony

14 November 2013