Ibrahim Nabil Aziz

Ibrahim Nabil Aziz

Ibrahim is one of the beneficiaries of 'safe Disposal of Agricultural waste project ' in Abo- Gherer- Malawy District. He used compost (organic fertilizer) on more than 10 Acres and the project team followed up with him in implementing all the steps of the process such as collecting the compost and applying it to the land before irrigation and after plowing and finally by constant field visits.
 Ibrahim used compost (organic fertilizer) on areas in his field and chemical fertilizer on other areas; he planted different crops (corn, soy beans and clover). The project team noticed that the corn in the areas where compost was used have grown faster and were greener than those in the areas where chemical fertilizers were used. 

Together Foundation aims to help poor and marginalized communities through the development of an integrated, based on lessons learned and experiences previous projects applied to the domestic and international level through the involvement of community groups that obliges me to show full real needs and their participation in the solution of their own problems.

Mohamed Mahmoud Ammar Member

Draft contract social Introduction In the framework of cooperation between the Foundation together for development andthe environment and the social contract between the center and support the decision of the Council of Ministers And the general framework under which most need attention in the villages and the millvillage was initiated in a joint project

Fakhory Nader Nakhla Member

-Together we carry on our work to meet the needs of the community and families most in need in order to achieve the principle of equality of opportunity and justice through our diverse development in all areas (health, education, economic, environmental structures, social and infrastructure) in order to access the results of high quality.

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