Youth Innovation Fund Project

Youth Innovation Fund Project

Youth Innovation Fund Project


The "Youth Innovation Fund Project" aims to train youth (males and females) and fund their innovative projects to generate income and, thus, improve their economic conditions.


The projects targets youth whose age ranges from 21 to 39 years old  and who have passed at least 12 years of education , fulfilled their military service , have never been employed in any governmental or private sector institutions and who have innovative project ideas.  


The targeted groups (3-5 members in each) will go through personal interviews to guarantee that they possess the attributes of successful entrepreneurs and their seriousness in joining the program.

The groups that passed the personal interviews will attend trainings for 30 days. During the training, experienced consultants and instructors will train the selected youth on communication skills and on how to conduct feasibility studies and market research. The trainees would prepare feasibility studies for their projects during the training with the help of the consultants and instructors.      


Technical support to trainees continues after they start their projects to guarantee that their projects will succeed. The funding amounts will be disbursed to the trainees according to the periods of their feasibility studies with 9% administrative expenses added to the total funding amount and paid with the repayments.


 The project aims to eliminate youth unemployment through engaging them in projects that serve the community and the environment and improve the youth beneficiaries' economic conditions in Minya, Malawy and Samalout districts. These aims will be achieved through conducting trainings for the youth (150 young men and women) on how to run their projects and successfully implement them during the project period (15 months).


The overall objective :


The overall objective is training and qualifying 150 youth (females and males) in different regions in Egypt to enable them to implement and run innovative developmental projects to serve the local community and generate income for themselves and guarantee those projects' sustainability

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