Sustainable Agricultural Development Project-Minya

Sustainable Agricultural Development Project-Minya

In the light of Sawiris Foundation for Development's belief in developmental programs and the significant role such programs play in unifying community members, and Together Association for Development and Environment's belief in proper planning and impactful implementation, Sustainable Agricultural Development Project-Minya was launched.

The project is funded by Sawiris Foundation for Development and implemented by TADE (Minya) and Neda organization (Cairo). Sustainable Agricultural Development Project aims to provide an improved developmental and economic environment to the families of Libya martyrs (20 households) in Minya governorate, Samalout district villages: Al Our, Menbal, El Gebaly, El Souby, Dakoof, Samsoum, Dafash.

The activities of the project include safe poultry rising by providing each household with a poultry battery cage with 90 chicks in it. The project team visits the households on a constant basis to provide consultations for them regarding battery maintenance and best feeding choices in order to achieve the best egg production rates possible. The activity aims to improve their living conditions and economically empower them to obtain a safe and a profitable project to cover the needs of their families. Recently, the production of eggs has been outstanding and the hens will be substituted with chicks to resume the project.

The activities further include an agricultural and industrial project will be launched to target the male beneficiaries and will include a farm of 10 acres in which there will be activities such as fattening, dairy production, automatic milking, feed stores, birth care and many other activities that would serve the martyrs families and improve their economic and living conditions .

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